Hello! I’m going to post examples of my professional writing and design on this page. I’ve got a lot to add so this page will be updated frequently to begin with…

First and foremost, here is my resume. This was designed in Microsoft Publisher and the graphics were created in open-source program, Inkscape.

This is one of my more recent creations. This portfolio pdf document features a number of articles I wrote at my last position with South West Hampshire LIFT (SWH LIFT).

I created this document just over a year ago to document the achievements of The Cornerstone Arts Foundation during its first year in operation. I also designed the logo and took the picture included in the document.

I have also designed a few tri-fold brochures. This is one of the last ones I have done. I made this in Microsoft Publisher. This was created for the Strategic Partnering Board, a body that generates a pipeline of work for SWH LIFT. I designed the logo for the SPB with the instruction that they wanted it to show affiliation with SWH LIFT while still having its own identity. I used the text within squares design which was used for the SWH LIFT logo (which I didn’t design) but gave them a new set of colors.

Here are a few documents that I created for a real estate agency in North Dakota. The first one is an insert that was put in a free newspaper and the second is a tri-fold brochure designed to be used as a mailer. I did not write the content for these documents although I did some editing to make the content fit in the templates.


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