about me

Hello! I thought I would introduce myself since I’m hoping to do more writing on this site and hopefully start learning a little more about CSS.

My name is Danni and I’ve just moved back to the USA after spending the last ten years (just about) in the UK. My husband and I lived about 55 miles South of London and now live just north of Austin, Texas. So far, we are liking it but it has definitely been a big change!

I’ll be using this blog to document this whole process of getting settled here and perhaps to do some writing exercises as I am planning to use this as a professional reference for the type of work I do. I am currently seeking full-time employment and there seems to be a lot of opportunities here. However, I know that in this economy, there will be a lot of competition and I will need to do everything I can to make myself stand out.

I am looking for work in a communications related role. I have experience both in business and creative writing and I’d love to find a role to combine those abilities. Hopefully this blog will demonstrate those skills to any visiting potential employer!

That is all for now. I will write more later!


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