can’t sleep so I’ll write.

I have no idea why I am so awake right now. I think my late start this morning is to blame. Paul and I spent quite a bit of time at home today. HIs power cord for the Xbox 360 was delivered to the apartment complex office yesterday and he got to pick it up today. We can now play games and movies again. Hooray! We both spent some time playing a dance game which turned out to be pretty good exercise.

This evening we both decided we had enough of the apartment. We ended up visiting 5 Guys at the Arboretum in Austin. I hadn’t been there before so we walked around the place to see what was there. There was a really beautiful park with lots of water features and artwork. Paul also got to practice driving for his Texas Drivers License test. (he has a UK driving license).

Anyway, tomorrow we’re planning to visit the Bob Bullock Texas State Museum to see the space shuttle. That will be our second trip to downtown Austin since we arrived! I still want to visit south Austin at some point in the next few weeks. I’ve got a networking thing on Friday downtown as well so I guess that will be another opportunity to explore.

Well Monsters Inc is calling my name! Gotta go 🙂


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