A recent creative writing exercise

As I’ve mentioned before, I recently joined a creative writing group here in Round Rock, Texas. So far it has been a great experience and I’ve been doing a lot more writing since I started attending the group. The book we use, Naming the World: And Other Exercises for the Creative Writer, has been a really useful tool. Most recently, I completed an exercise about perspective. I was tasked to write something using different perspectives for each paragraph (I changed that to using different perspectives for each section since I used dialogue in the story and it seemed kind of weird to abruptly change perspective after someone said something!)

The first section is in 3rd person close. The second section is in 1st person. The third section is in 3rd person omniscient and the last section is in 3rd person close again but from a different character than the first section.

If you are interested in reading my exercise, please click below to continue…

Woman’s Best Friend

Phoebe scratched anxiously at the back door, longing to get back into the kitchen. She could smell a variety of wonderful aromas wafting from the open window and she could see one of her alphas stirring something in a large pot. She scratched again, regretting intensely that she had asked to come out in the first place. It was very hot outside and Phoebe’s long, silky fur just made things worse. If she thought for a moment that she could get away with relieving herself inside, she definitely would. Disappointed by the lack of reaction, Phoebe started to whine pathetically. She knew the alphas didn’t like it when she whined but Phoebe was desperate to cool down a bit before pestering them as they ate their dinner.

I was very pleased when my alpha finally decided to let me in. I danced around the patio wagging my tail so hard that my whole body shook. Her impatient expression dissolved as she watched my performance.

“Ok, ok,” she laughed. “You can come back in. But for goodness’ sake don’t be asking to go outside again! This is the third time in twenty minutes.”

I gazed at her with my head cocked to one side, trying to gauge her mood. I had no idea what she was saying but from my alpha’s tone, she didn’t sound too angry. I pranced around the kitchen, my nails clicking on the hard floor. I circled her repeatedly as she tended to her food.

“Phoebe, Stop it!” she shouted in exasperation as she stumbled over me again. I enjoyed my circle game but neither of my alphas ever seemed to get any better at playing along. Still, she really didn’t sound happy so I headed for the bathroom. I was parched and a big drink from a freshly flushed toilet was just what I needed. As I padded up the stairs and headed toward the open bathroom door,  I heard her make a strange noise. I shuddered instinctively as I understood the sound. My alpha was in distress.

It was a hot summers’ day at 10 Oak Grove Road. Anyone passing by would probably notice nothing unusual. However, if they were inclined to pause and observe the front door, they might see a young woman opening the front door accompanied by an energetic black and white border collie. Of course, this in itself was a perfectly normal thing to see—a routine after-dinner walk. It was the expression on the woman’s face that was out of the ordinary. Her eyes were red and puffy, her complexion was blotchy and her general demeanour exuded sadness. The dog seemed completely oblivious to her owner’s misery as she tugged at her leash and performed a series of tight circles. Unfortunately there was no one there to observe or to enquire about the woman’s well-being. She locked her front door and trudged down the sidewalk, her excitable collie leading the way.

“How much of a cliché am I?” the young man said aloud, surveying the dilapidated hotel room he was currently occupying. He had considered staying somewhere slightly more upscale but decided it would be better to save any spare money for a deposit on a new apartment. In a way, it was better that he was in such dismal surroundings. It seemed like just penance for the hurt he had caused. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her face, heard her confused exclamations. He remembered her as he saw her last, crumpled on the living room floor sobbing, their border collie puppy licking the tears from her face.


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  1. debbie sermon

    ok mrs evans youre going to have to write the rest of it now .. well written x

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