Late night update

I just had an email prompting me about contact information for this blog. I ended up clicking on the link to my site first and just reading everything I have ever written here. (that didn’t take long!) I realized it has been quite awhile since I’ve written anything and that life has changed considerably since I started this blog!

When I started this blog, I had just moved back to America from the UK. That seems like a lifetime ago now! It’s been almost 8 years since we arrived. I’m still living in Round Rock. We became homeowners for the first time (a long held dream for both my husband and I) back in June 2012. Our first child was born in May 2013 (another long journey). We then had our surprise second baby in January 2017. Our most recent big change was selling our old house and moving into a  house we had built this past Autumn.

It’s funny, I could never have imagined everything that would come my way when we first moved back to the US. There have been many adventures, some heartbreak and a lot of hard work to get us where we are now. To be honest, I think the thing I struggle most with is the level of unkindness and close-mindedness that seems to permeate every corner of the Internet. For many years, being online was my nerdy respite. Now it is an integral part of my life but a lot of it seems to be here to cause unhappiness and conflict. It been my continuing mission to create boundaries for myself that keep me away from the more toxic aspects of being online. Self-care has never been a thing I’ve been good at but I am really working on being better at that.

Anyway, thanks for reading.


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