I am so glad to be here!

I’ve had such a nice day. Everything just seems so positive right now and so full of potential. I was walking down East Main Avenue in Round Rock this evening and it hit me again. I’m in the USA… I’m in Texas! I am so happy that this has finally happened!

I had a pretty good run in the UK. I experienced a lot of amazing things. I learned a lot being a civilian (rather than a tourist) in a foreign country for such a long time. Being the one with a foreign accent was normal. My expectations changed. I adapted. I grew. Then it was time to go.

Now here I am. My accent doesn’t stand out (well maybe it does a bit with the scattered Britishisms). I drive a car that doesn’t exist in the UK. Restaurants have free refills on soft drinks! There isn’t mold in my bathroom! Every day, the sun shining. In fact, every day its freaking hot! This is SO COOL!

Eventually I will stop marvelling at all this stuff. It’ll become normal again. My expectations will change and I will adapt. I guess I’ll grow some more! But I don’t plan on going anywhere for awhile!


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about me

Hello! I thought I would introduce myself since I’m hoping to do more writing on this site and hopefully start learning a little more about CSS.

My name is Danni and I’ve just moved back to the USA after spending the last ten years (just about) in the UK. My husband and I lived about 55 miles South of London and now live just north of Austin, Texas. So far, we are liking it but it has definitely been a big change!

I’ll be using this blog to document this whole process of getting settled here and perhaps to do some writing exercises as I am planning to use this as a professional reference for the type of work I do. I am currently seeking¬†full-time employment and there seems to be a lot of opportunities here. However, I know that in this economy, there will be a lot of competition and I will need to do everything I can to make myself stand out.

I am looking for work in a communications related role. I have experience both in business and creative writing and I’d love to find a role to combine those abilities. Hopefully this blog will demonstrate those skills to any visiting potential employer!

That is all for now. I will write more later!

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one more post

just to see how it looks!


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this is only a test

I’m starting this blog to test my CSS skills. Whether or not I succeed (and whether or not I have anything to say for myself on this blog) remains to be seen.

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