Let’s get real

I have been blogging for a long time. However, this blog is a big departure for me. My old blog has been a place for me to talk about anything without editing myself at all. This is not to say I have been saying anything bad or negative but it is not a “professional” blog. As you may have guessed, the purpose of this blog is definitely professional. However, I still want it to contain compelling content. I want people to engage with what I write and give me feedback. I realize that if I edit myself too much, I’m removing the heart and soul of what I write and I’m not making much of an impact. I’ve been thinking about that a lot for the past week. I just read this post at babble and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I realize that creating a portfolio site for my writing means I have to blog more candidly. This blog needs to be telling a story and I need to figure out what that story is.

So why is this so difficult for me? I think I can sum up the answer to this question by saying that I just want to make the best impression that I can. I don’t want people to visit this site and get the wrong idea about me. I am a hard worker. I am creative. I am practical. But guess what? I have my worries and my issues. I have never liked broadcasting those things in such a public manner but I need to find the balance. Otherwise, anyone who reads this is not getting an accurate reflection of who I am.

I want to be “real”. I want to be “professional”. Is it possible to be both? I know that this is definitely possible in a working environment. I think it is much more challenging to find this balance online. It is much easier for people to misunderstand one another based solely on reading one another’s words. I just don’t want that to happen here.

Any advice? I’d love to hear it!



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5 responses to “Let’s get real

  1. Cheryl

    Hi Danni,
    Your heart and soul comes through just fine! : ) I do think it is possible to mix real life with a professional site. I think it would be refreshing! Good luck!

  2. My recommendations are to find a nitch topic to blog about. Pick something you know lots about (or want to know lots about) and run with it.

    Also set up Google Analytics and WordPress stats so you can track how many visitors you are getting and from where.

    Also plug yourself on other blog sites by saying, “I just started a blog and need some feedback on the site’s format” or something like that.

  3. thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it.

    Josh, you are right.. I need to get those two things set up!

  4. debbie sermon

    I know it may be an old cliche – but my advice is to be yourself, that will be interesting enough, dont underestimate all the things you have done, all the places you have been and all the lovely people you have worked with!

  5. Danni
    I agree with Debbie. You have had some rich and interesting experiences in your life. You have alot to blog about. Don’t neglect to let your beautiful soul shine through.
    Love ya!

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