No time to write

Sorry, it has been a little while. I’d hoped to post a little more regularly than this but life has been a little bit crazy lately.

First of all, I joined a creative writing group so I’ve been focussed on getting my first exercise for that done. It spawned a bit project so I have been writing like mad, just not here.

Secondly, all our stuff from the UK showed up Friday night. Our apartment went from pristine minimalism to a cardboard jungle. I’ve been working non-stop to put things away. We bought a chest of drawers from Ikea and spent most of the afternoon and evening assembling it. We didn’t finish it so I did that while Paul was at work today. I then spent the rest of the day putting more things away. We had about 30 boxes and we are down to 4 now so progress has been made! The bedroom is great but the living room is still looking kind of rough. It’ll be better when I get rid of all the paper and garbage bags that we have been using. I’ve got all the boxes on the patio right now and those will have to go too.

I’ve been looking at doing some freelance work too. I’ve applied for a few things on odesk but I think I’m kind of expensive for a lot of the employers there. There are lots of writing jobs where it’s $1-$2 per 300 word article and you have to do the research on every article. I just don’t know how I could make that work. I will keep looking I guess.

Maybe I should just start buying lottery tickets huh? I think the jackpot is over $200 million or something like that. that would be nice. 😉

(don’t worry; I’m just being silly)


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