Long time, no write

Sorry, sorry sorry! I haven’t written here in such a long time. I do have a good excuse though. I got a job just over three weeks ago and I have been kept very busy by it. I’m working as a proofreader which involves reading hundreds of pages of text every day so my appetite for writing anything has been seriously diminished. However, today I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop drinking a gingerbread latte and I’m finally getting used to my new and insane schedule.

My job is an eight week contract at  LibreDigital. I am proofreading magazine text for them, mainly checking for formatting errors. It is interesting work and suits me since I love reading anyway. I’m getting faster now which is good. I’m hoping I get another contract after the Christmas break is over. My current contract ends on the 16th of December and I’m heading to North Dakota via Billings, Montana on the 17th of December. I am really looking forward to seeing my family. Apart from my mom, I haven’t seen anyone else in over a year and in most cases almost two years. I was so happy to discover we would be able to go up for two weeks. I did not anticipate getting so much time but I certainly appreciate it.

Apart from that, my birthday was almost two weeks ago. I worked but had a really nice evening out with my husband, Paul at The Melting Pot. I got some great presents, including a new point-and-shoot camera from Paul. I’ve been pining for the Lumix LX-5 for ages. I’ve had a few chances to try it out and so far, I really like it. I need to read the manual so I can better understand how to change settings and stuff like that. It’s great to have a camera that I can keep in my handbag. I am forever seeing nice things to take pictures of and the SLR is kind of big to lug around everywhere. I’m hoping to go to the German Market in Fredericksburg in a few weeks and taking both cameras. That way, both Paul and I can take pictures to our hearts content!

I worked last weekend so it has been very nice having this one off. They need proofreaders  7 days a week so I trade off with my colleagues working weekends. During this 8 week contract, I’ve got two weekends to work. I try and get in as many weekday chores as I can when that happens. I get Thursday and Friday off on those weeks. Anyway, this weekend I have enjoyed catching up on sleep. I went to a bead store yesterday evening while Paul spent a couple of hours at his office. Then we used a Groupon I bought a little while ago at a restaurant called ‘Texas French Bread’. They are all about using seasonal and locally-sourced products and their menu changes constantly as a result. We both had mussels in a fennel and Pernod sauce and shared a big bowl of fries. We shared a slice of coconut cake with meringue frosting for dessert. Everything was delicious and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Well, I think that is it for me. Hopefully I’ll be back a little sooner this time!


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