A wild Danni blog post appears!

Procastination: +5

Creativity= -3

Burnout= +99999999999

This whole coming up with original and interesting things to write about while maintaining a full time job is not going so well. Unfortunately, I have a lot of committments on my time and when I do get some free time, I’m so burnt out, I sit there like a lump, watching old episodes of Buffy or Angel. It isn’t good, I know but that is just the way things have been going lately.

I even had a few weeks away when I went home for Christmas. Sadly the first week I had to work remotely so I ended up with one week where I really got to relax, and once again, the concept of writing a blog seemed like to0 much effort for my foggy brain. I know, it is weaksauce really.

So what has been happening since I last posted? Well my contract got extended to March which is good news. As I said a moment ago, I went home to see my family. Paul and I flew from Austin to Billings, MT where my parents met up with us. From there we drove on to Williston, ND and we also spent a few days with my grandparents in Baker, MT. It was really, really nice to see everyone. A lot of my family  I hadn’t seen in TWO YEARS which is totally mind-boggling to me. I can’t believe I went that long without seeing them. I hadn’t seen my dad in over a year and the person I had seen most recently was my mom, who came down at the end of May when we moved to Austin. I’m hoping it won’t be so long before I can see everyone again.

I’ve read a few books although my reading has decreased since I spend my entire days proofreading magazines. One of the most recent books that I read was by Michelle Evans, my stepmother-in-law and it was totally amazing. Whether you live in the US or the UK, you can order Am I Me? from amazon.co.uk. Considering how much time I spend reading about yachts, horses and trains (amongst many, many other things but there are an enormous number of magazines on those particular subjects), it was a real pleasure to read something so insightful and well-constructed.  I’m in total awe of Michelle for creating it.

Paul has suggested that perhaps I should write and share about some of the random and often bizarre facts that I learn from magazines. That seems like a good idea to me so I’ll go through the notebook I have at work in which I write down some of the more intriguing things that I run across. I will try and write here again a little more frequently. So far, I haven’t been doing so well with that.


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